Thursday, March 29, 2012


[Smita and I welcomed our third child Jacob on March 23rd, Friday 5:47am at Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, MI. At birth, he weighed 7lbs 14 oz and measured 20.5 inches tall. He is the cutest thing ever!]

During Smita’s labor, the OB/GYN at the hospital told us we must be pros since it's our third child. The assumption was that we know everything about labor, delivery, recovery and taking care of the baby. Its quite humanly that we feel proud when someone say we are good at something, and I wasn't an exception.

Well, until the baby was born and given to us for care.

It can be overwhelming that, now, we are responsible for the well-being of a brand new life, who completely depends on us to sustain and survive.

It's true that I had changed diapers, fed, took care of 2 children in the past. But that was over 5 years ago. I forgot everything. Now, I am re-learning. It's a totally new, sometimes unnerving experience.

It's fun too. Jacob is very curious. He turns his eyes to each and every sound or gestures we make (unless he is hungry).

I don't think I have paid this much detailed attention to Jessica or Jonathan when they were younger. It could be because of a subliminal knowledge that this could be our last offspring. Last chance to learn, observe and enjoy how babies operate. (Of course, there is a chance when we become grand parents. But I don't want to think about that now because it makes me want to imagine how I would look when I am old. I don't want to go there now.)

What Babies tells me is this: ‘life’ wants to happen.

I am marveled at the magnificence of human life.

The Batista at the coffee shop at my work told me something the other day. "If you have a boy, you need to worry only about THAT boy. However, if you have a girl, you need to worry about ALL the boys!". I thought that was funny and I laughed!

On a second thought, my grin slowly faded. I have both!


Joel Brueseke said...

"'Life' wants to happen."


What an awesome perspective you have in your life at this time, with the birth of your third child. What an awesome opportunity to have a first-hand view of such innocent and unmasked life reaching out and discovering new things all the time.

Congrats to you and Smita and all your family!!

Bino M. said...

Joel, Thank you! It sure is an amazing opportunity that we get to celebrate the life of our children. Each time is different, yet uniquely joyous.

Thanks again, Joel!

Aida said...

OMG, Bino!! I can't believe I missed this important event. I'm so sorry.

A very, very, very belated congratulations. The baby is gorgeous as are all of your children.

Bino M. said...

Thanks Aida! Children are great blessing! Hope everything is well with you and your family.