Monday, October 18, 2010

Being spiritual Vs. religious

How is spirituality different from religion? How do you differentiate a person who is religious versus spiritual? Why is spirituality important to me?

It gives me inner strength, it allows me to be part of something bigger than me. It quietens my heart and puts the life around me into perspective. It makes me want to look at things which are otherwise unworthy to look at. It makes me want to go on in life. It gives me okay to be depressed, yet not worried about being depressed.

It makes me comfortable being silly. It helps me to lay down the various masks I wear in life. It takes the pressure off of my shoulder to perform, please and impress.

It helps me to be wanting to help others selflessly. It lets me make friends without hidden agendas. It helps me to pay attention to the details, making me more creative and artistic.

It allows me to love sinners with a compassionate heart, makes me more accepting than demanding. It gives me the power to listen, pay attention and show grace to others.

It slows me down.

It makes me want to give up the desire to change the world and develops a new desire in me - to make a difference in at least one person's life. It helps me fight materialism and greed.

It makes my thoughts deep. It accepts the mystical nature human mind. It helps me to see the wonder of God's life in me. It humbles me and allows me to receive forgiveness and extend that forgiveness to others.

It kills self righteousness and the need to be right always, lifting a heavy burden from my shoulder. It embraces freedom and resists bondage fervently.

It gently teaches us to handle our freedom.

It's desire is for Truth. It puts emotions into perspective. It answers the question, "why is there emotions?". It removes the fear to be vulnerable and weak. It knows that strength comes from weakness. It makes us want to be surrendered rather than committed and dedicated.

It deals with the narcissism in me, in an unconscious way.

It endures pain and see suffering from a different angle. It helps me to be peace with those million unanswered questions in my heart. It fills my heart with peace, love and hope.