Thursday, July 5, 2007


Freedom in itself is scary. It generates a kind of fear in us. It breaks away the walls of ‘security’ and clears the path to all directions. I am free to walk and there is nothing, absolutely nothing to hinder me!

Now, there is this nagging question sweeps in – how do I handle this? Or Can I handle this at all?

Handling freedom is not an easy thing to do. When Germany’s Berlin wall was dismantled there was freedom but many did not know how to handle that freedom. Many even thought that the oppression was better than freedom.

There is pain in freedom. But it is essential to be free.

Free from - sin, law, religion, legalism, self efforts, rituals, performance, rules, regulations, self righteousness, self condemnation, self pity, restlessness, fear, anger and on and on…

Freedom forces us to walk by faith. That’s a tough job! Religion understands that and they offer a helping hand – legalism! They mix law and grace. It sounds like a good solution to handling freedom but Bible calls it foolishness because the power of sin is in the law.

There are some people in the church who hate freedom because they fear that, they or the people they preach to can’t handle freedom.

Freedom forces us to intelligent decision making. It requires thinking. Oppressed do not think, they just follow. Christ gave us a sermon on this - You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Freedom in Christ gives us independence, independence from everything. But it also put us in to dependence on Jesus. And there is freedom in that dependence which requires 'walking by faith'! which is the essence of Christian walk.

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