Friday, September 14, 2007

One at a time.

This is something I have been thinking about for few weeks now. Jesus did not come to change the world. He came to change individual lives - one at a time.
When Jesus dealt with Pharisees it was a group of people and He pointed them their futile self-righteousness.
When it comes to dealing with sinners (who agree that they are sinners), he dealt in a personal way – one at a time, regardless of their behavior, sins, morality, good works, acceptance in society, what others say/think about them.

Jesus spent probably hours with the Samaritan woman at the well and revealed one of the profound truths of the History – Worshiping God in truth and Spirit.
Regardless of how even the disciples saw that incident; Jesus did it in a personal way – one at a time.

Jesus’s encounter with Zacheus was personal – One at a time. He called him down from the tree and even supped with him.

He said I don’t condemn you to the woman caught in adultery – One at a time

Thief on the cross – He was judged to be hanged, the cruelest form of killing a sinner. He didn’t have much good works, He didn’t have much character. He didn’t have much commitment to God. He wasn’t baptized. He never tithed. He never attended church. He never partook in Lord’s Supper. But he believed and simply acknowledged - Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.
That saved him – one at a time. This was almost an impossibility at that time and even now. God’s grace is an impossibility from human standpoint anyways.

Jesus dealt with Martha during the time of Lazarus’s resurrection and revealed another great truth – I am the resurrection and the life.

It is sad that Christians going away from God’s agenda – Saving people one at a time. Today’s evangelicals want to become vote bank and change the world. They want to bring peace to the world.
They line up at the white house, want to influence governments and their voice be heard. When Jesus started his ministry He went to the sea shore to pick some stinking fisher men. He could have gone to the Roman authority and show them signs that He is the Messiah (King) and become a political power. Christianity became an enterprise but Christ is still the same. He is still in the business of saving individuals – One at a time.

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