Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We can stop acting contrary to who we are.

When we operate in contrary to our nature (identity in Christ) it is quite natural that we feel miserable. The flesh wants to do it but we feel miserable after doing it. Knowing the fact that I am going to feel miserable after this, why do we still do it?
I like an analogy Bob George uses. It goes something like this: A person who lives on the street and eats from the dumpster everyday was offered a lifetime free ticket to a cafeteria full of food. He was so happy and asked, Are you sure that I can eat anything I want from this cafeteria? Sure you can! Are you sure it's free? Yes, it is absolutely free! But he then asked, Can I eat from the trash bin as well?
As believers in Christ, God has provided (freely) everything we ever need for life and godliness, but still we want to eat some trash once in a while. I think that is ridiculous. Why would we do that?
I know that after yelling at my wife I am going to feel miserable, so why do it?
I know that after over eating I am going to feel miserable, so why do it?
I know that after looking at the porn I am going to feel miserable, so why do it?
I know that after steeling I am going to feel miserable, so why do it?
(...fill in anything which is contrary to the Spirit who lives in us)

We don't have to do it! Thats for the world, not for us. Our needs are met in Christ. We have everything we ever need.

I am not talking about being obsessed with sinless perfection or being preoccupied with behavior modification or anything like that. We have a great pasture in Christ, then why would we want to go to the dirt? and then feel miserable?

I think the reason we do that is because of the lack of knowledge of the treasure we have in Christ. That is where the 'renewing of the mind' comes in to picture. Our mind needs to be constantly renewed and reminded of who we are and what we have in Christ.


Aida said...

Bino, this is a great post and so true. I think your reasoning is correct. If we really understood, we wouldn't be eating out of the garbage heap.

Today, I was thinking about how little I really know and understand about grace. However, as I've kept my focus on Jesus, He has caused me to grow more deeply rooted in grace so that the garbage heap isn't as tempting as it used to be and sometimes I'm actually able to pass it up.

Renewing the mind is still a process and I'm so glad I've finally started the process.


Bino B. Manjasseril said...

That analogy (Cafeteria) has been greatly helping me in some areas of my life. But the danger I see in my life is that if my focus falls into abstaining from sin I fall into the trap of obsession with behavior modification. And eventually I end up sinning more. The law has lot of power. The power of sin is in the law and my very life proves that to me again and again.
But the truth is we don't have to dwell in the law, we can move on, we can live a life with Jesus. When we are focussed on the sinlessness we are actually focussed on sin and law and it kills the life in Christ. As you said it is a process and God causes us to grow tremendously if we mediate on His grace and count ourselves dead to the law. I am excited to see what He has for me everyday.