Friday, September 5, 2008

Shadow Vs. Reality (Re-post)

Shadow (OT)
Reality (NT)
7th day physical Sabbath.Everyday spiritual Sabbath.
Physical Circumcision - Circumcision of the flesh by hands Spiritual Circumcision - Circumcision of the heart not by hands.
Passover Lamb.Jesus the true passover lamb.
Blood on the door post keeping physical death away.Blood of Jesus saving people from spiritual death.
Redemption of Israelites from Egypt by Moses.Redemption of a sinner from the state of spiritual death through Jesus.
Walking in the wilderness for 40 years.Christian living under the law.
Entering Canaan.Entering God’s Grace.
Earthly tabernacle built by Israelites.Heavenly Tabernacle not made by hands.
Curtain which separated the Most Holy place.Body of Christ.
Human High priest in the Tabernacle.Jesus the eternal High Priest.
Shedding the blood of animals.Shedding the unblemished blood of Jesus.
Putting the sins of Israelites on the animal and performing the death penalty which covered the sins for one year.Putting the sins of the entire world upon Jesus performing the death penalty which took away the sins of the entire world.
Human High priest entering the Holy of holies with blood of animals for his sins and the sins of the nation.Jesus entering the true heavenly tabernacle with his own blood for the sins of the world forever.
Manna from heaven which satisfied physical hungerTrue bread from heaven– Jesus who satisfies spiritual hunger.
Water from rocks which quenched physical thirst.Real water which quenches the spiritual thirst from the rock of our salvation - Jesus.
Moses lifting the brass serpent.Jesus lifted on the cross.
Physical lives saved of whom looked at the brass serpent.Spiritual lives regenerated of whom looks upon Jesus lifted on the cross.
Ceremonial Washings. Washing sins away by the blood of Christ.
Sin offering (animal) - People's sins being transferred to the body of the animal and judged.
Sin offering (Jesus) - World's sins being transferred to the body the perfect lamb of God and judged (once and for all).
Burnt offering (incense)- ascends as a sweet aroma to the Lord.
Burnt offering (Jesus) - Jesus's righteousness and worthiness becoming a sweet aroma to God (It is the same righteousness what is being transferred to us!)
Temporal and conditional covenant between God and IsraelitesEternal and unconditional Covenant between God and God's Son
Priesthood for LevitesPriesthood for all believers
High priest (human) - Temporal mediator between man and God who could never finish his work and sit downHigh priest (Jesus) - Eternal mediator between man and God who finished His work and SAT down.
Law through Moses - Men trying to do what is impossible for them. Grace through Jesus - God doing what is impossible for men.
Worship God in TempleWorship God in Truth and Spirit.


RJW said...

We like REALITY way better! Thanks for re-posting these; we missed them the first time around.

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Ooh this was great, thanks for posting it!!!

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This chart is excellent!

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good post - i have heard toooo many bad sermons trying to invoke OT concepts - walking church

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