Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy B'day, Matthew!!!

Happy B'day to my dear brother Matthew!!!


RJW said...

Happy birthday, Matthew!!

Are you surprised???

Joel B. said...

The world has been a better place since October 14, 1986!

Bino M. said...

You bet!

Matthew Daelon said...

I'm VERY surprised!!! LOL This is awesome!!!!

Joel...You're what we call in the south "somethin' else". I love you, brother.

Bino, you are amazing, brother. Thank you so much. I can't stress how blessed I am by you all today. This is the best birthday!! How could I be so blessed to have a brother like you, Bino. Love you!!! :)

Bino M. said...

I haven't seen yet another person of this young age (22) having a passion for Christ Jesus with his/her premise on GRACE.

You are amazing, brother!

You are an encouragement to me. I like your straight talk, the things you share on your blog and your desire to grow more in the awesomeness of God's abundant grace.

You are loved and I am glad I am part of this b'day party. Keep growing in His grace, there is NOTHING greater than that in this world.