Friday, February 17, 2012

Think with your heart.

"Use your head" is a provocation we all use to get people thinking rationally and logically. It is not a bad thing. in fact a good thing, to have our own rational take on issues related to life. And we are all very opinionated and I think it is healthy to have opinions, better than having nothing to say about anything.

We have been trained enough to think with our head. It is the intellectual reasoning what enables us make decisions in our daily lives. Decision such as what career path should I be taking, what vehicle should I be driving, should I buy a Mac or PC etc.

However, life is far from being rationale. We all know, things always don't sit well with our left brain, the stuff we encounter, the life puzzles we conveniently leave unresolved, those several unanswered questions lingering in our head. Our heads can't be peace with all that.

But, our hearts can! Our hearts can safely ignore the need for logical reasoning and actually enable us to move from where we are stuck in our head. Heart doesn't make a lot of sense to our heads. Heart operates in a totally different paradigm.

Those leaps in the inner chambers of our heart when we experience love, forgiveness, acceptance.  The joy we feel when a stranger smiles at us. The elevated happiness when we look at our children's cute behaviors. That desire we all have somewhere deep in us to show kindness, to protect the vulnerable, to speak up for the oppressed. That awe and wonder we all feel when we look around and observe the beauty and marvel of creation.

Those are all heart matters! There we lay aside our head, to experience life.


Anne said...

Yes, I agree Bino. I have always loved your blog posts. You speak with both your heart and your mind and with gentleness and kindness and humility, which is rare.

Anne said...
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Bino M. said...


Thank you for the kind words. Glad you read what I write.