Monday, October 1, 2007

Shadow Vs Reality

7th day physical Sabbath.Everyday spiritual sabbath.
Physical Circumcision. Circumcision without hands.
Passover Lamb.Jesus the true passover lamb.
Blood on the door post keeping physical death away.Blood of Jesus saving people from spiritual death.
Redemption of Israelites from Egypt by Moses.Redemption of a sinner from the state of spiritual death through Jesus.
Walking in the wilderness for 40 years.Christian living under the law.
Entering Canaan.Entering God’s Grace.
Earthly tabernacle built by Israelites.Heavenly Tabernacle not made by hands.
Curtain which separated the Most Holy place.Body of Christ.
Human High priest in the Tabernacle.Jesus the eternal High Priest.
Shedding the blood of animals.Shedding the unblemished blood of Jesus.
Putting the sins of Israelites on the animal and performing the death penalty which covered the sins for one year.Putting the sins of the entire world upon Jesus performing the death penalty which took away the sins of the entire world.
Human High priest entering the Holy of holies with blood of animals for his sins and the sins of the nation.Jesus entering the true heavenly tabernacle with his own blood for the sins of the world.
Manna from heaven which satisfied physical hungerTrue bread from heaven– Jesus who satisfies spiritual hunger.
Water from rocks which quenched physical thirst.Real water which quenches the spiritual thirst from the rock of our salvation - Jesus.
Moses lifting the brass serpent.Jesus lifted on the cross.
Physical lives saved of whom looked at the brass serpent.Spiritual lives regenerated of whom looks upon Jesus lifted on the cross.
Ceremonial Washings. Washing sins away by the blood of Christ.
Law through Moses - Men trying to do what is impossible for them. Grace through Jesus - God doing what is impossible for men.


Joel Brueseke said...

Come on, Bino... who in the church today is going to believe all this??? ;) LOL

Seriously though, Amen and Amen! Great list here, showing the differences between the shadow and the reality of the substance which is in Christ.

Gary Kirkham said...

I'll believe it. Great list, I love to see things like this that contrast the old and new covenents.

I noticed a typo and thought I would point it least I think it's a typo. Twice you wrote, "Passover Lamp" instead of Lamb

Great to see you posting again, it's been a while.

Bino B. Manjasseril said...


Thats right! who even care that there is a difference between the 2 covenants. I had a pastor (Senior pastor!) told me that Old covenant is still continuing and I told him jokingly: Oh! is it? I need to get home and find a good sheep to sacrifice.Immediately he said he wants to pray for me so that the judgment of God won't fall upon me! :)
Forget Catholics where they have priests going to the altar week after week (like the OT priests going year after year and day after day) to perform Mass (Sacrifice).I wonder how can they carry the same bible and preach/practice something totally contrary to it!


Thanks for pointing out that typo. That was in fact a typo :) (English is not my first language)

Now when I study the OT it's amazing! This is not the full list.
Before I knew Hebrews chapters 7,8,9 and 10 I have even thought what is the purpose of studying OT. Blood, sacrifice, animals, wars, wilderness, slavery, wheww...
Now when I see those from the right perspective, Its simply amazing!!!