Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christianity is not working for many, even for pastors!

Two pastors who spoke recently with CNN explained that when it comes to religion, they still preach the core beliefs of Christianity. But when it comes to practicing what they preach in a modern world, borrowing from Scientology helps.

Read full article here: Some Christian pastors embrace Scientology

Isn't Christianity practical enough?

What does it mean by 'The righteous shall live by faith'?

Borrowing from man-made '---ologies' to substitute Christ?

What did Apostle Paul mean when he said: 'I am crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me'?

Is that a concept, feeling or '---ology' that Christ lives in a Christian?

This is more alarming:

Kennedy knew that before he could introduce any Scientology-related text to his congregation, he would have to prove that it did not contradict his Christian beliefs. And so, he found Scripture to match each of the 21 principles.

Apostle Paul prophetically reminds us about this potential harm at Colossians 2:8

To me, this is a reminder of the importance of understanding our identity in Christ, total forgiveness in Christ, New covenant, walking by faith and above all the unconditional love of God and His grace.

Thoughts welcome.


Gary Kirkham said...

It's baffling isn't it? I know of some professed Christians who see no incompatibility with Buddhism and Faith in Christ. On the surface they have the seemingly compatible goals of denying self. Of course Christians deny self in order that Christ might be magnified, Buddhists deny self in order to achieve nothingness. What ever that is.

You are absolutely correct, we don't need an ology or an ism; we just need Christ and to rest in who we are and what He has and will do for us.

In Christ,

Joel Brueseke said...

I know we shouldn't be surprised by things like this, but yet I'm also continually baffled and astounded and amazed when I hear people who believe in Jesus (or say they do), and who "preach the core beliefs of Christianity," but yet think they need to look elsewhere when it comes to living it out on a daily basis.

I at least understand the 'weak' Christian who follows the gospel of Oprah and Dr. Phil, or some other such "gospel," because they have not been taught their identity in Christ, which as you say is so very important in all of this. I hope and pray that many, many of these brothers and sisters in Christ will come to learn their true identity and to walk in it instead of some other way.

But for someone to be a preacher of Christianity, and yet to think there is some other way to live, or some other way to help make the Christian life work... it's just unconscionable!

Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Thanks Gary and Joel for your comments.

Though sometimes I get irritated towards these people sometimes I get saddened too thinking that they don't know the full gospel. It was God's grace what revealed it to us. I can't even imagine where my life would be if God wouldn't have revealed the good news of the gospel of grace to me.
All I can say is 'Thank You, Lord'.

Grace Walker said...
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Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Grace Walker,

I am not sure why your deleted your comments. I postponed one day to write a response and when I came today it was deleted. Any way, I want to assure you one thing that whether it is positive, negative or neutral your comments are well appreciated and always welcome.
It is absolutely alright to have different opinions or view points on the same issue. God created all of us in a unique way. That's why we have unique finger prints. So please don't feel bad to write when you don't agree with anything on my blog. I whole heartedly appreciate your opinions and comments.
I thank you for reading my blog posts.

Grace Walker said...

Hi Bino. I want to say thank you and that I really, really appreciate what you said. I deleted my comment because I felt that it may end up doing more harm than good and that is not what I want. When I posted that, I was not out to hurt anyone but I think I did so I made the decision to just get rid of it. I am so moved by your response that I just don't know what to say except thank you.

Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Hi Sheryl,

You are very welcome. I am looking forward to read your comments and posts in the future.