Monday, June 30, 2008


Are we sure that we can live in peace regardless of our circumstances? The knowledge of the love of my Father gives me a quite strength which I can't possibly explain using my vocabulary. But that doesn't mean that I am at peace irrespective of life situations. Life easily affects my sensitive mood and I can be totally restless sometimes. Sometimes I think may be it is money, people, material possessions, health what makes people really content. Then I will realize it is not.

I see myself going in this loop: trust - falling from trust - worry. When I am not trusting my Father for EVERYTHING, I am worrying. There is no in-between, either I am trusting or worrying. And what is frustrating to me is that it wouldn't take a split of second to lose my trust. BTW, I am not talking about faith. I am talking about trust.

It's interesting that I wrote about perfectionism a week ago and soon after that my kids were sick. It knocked my perfectionism real hard and put me in a 'mess'. My schedules were ruined, my peace was troubled.
But I thank God that He gave me an opportunity to 're-think', to slow down. It also tells me that there is nothing, absolutely nothing is in 'my' control. It wouldn't take more than few minutes to be in situations where we feel that we are 'powerless'.

The entire life I see as a 'variable' and if that variable is not built on a 'constant', it's going to be shaky. I call that 'constant' trusting Jesus.


Matthew Daelon said...

You know Bino...I could be wrong, but I think God's objective in allowing any pain or hardship is to cause us to look up. To cause us to look to Him alone. I've found this to be very true...When I'm in a position of discomfort, anxiety and simply feeling down...then I am made strongest. That's when my eyes and affections are set on things above and thats when I draw from the strength of Christ.

It is possible to have extreme discomfort and pain and anxiety and yet be comforted, full of joy and trust. He is always using our circumstances to bring us to Himself.

Bino Manjasseril said...


I am in total agreement with you on this.

but I think God's objective in allowing any pain or hardship is to cause us to look up

This has been my experience. This is not to say that God causes all problems in this world, to make people fearful of Him. Whereas, I believe the problems in this world (war etc) are due to people executing their free will.

But in the life of a child of God, to stay in the track, to keep connected lively with Him, there has to have some 'weakness'. Apostle Paul needed it! Most of biblical legendaries needed it. It is like the weakness Paul talks about in the popular passage of 'My grace is sufficient for you'.

The more stable I am within myself, the less I need the strength of God. The more I am self-fulfilled, the less I need God-fulfillment. The result is all ways disaster. But still our flesh continually tempt us to look for alternate elements for contentment in life. It's amazing!

Our flesh always like the 'easy' path. But usually the easy path lead us to danger. I am praying God to make me more trusting. Sometimes I declare 'independence' and sooner I find out that it ruins my peace with God.

Nicole said...


Intense Post Bro!

I know exactly what you mean, discomfort, pain and all of that really shakes our trust in Father. Well, you know, I was just going through that last week when I was waiting for that check to come! Needless to say, I made it through, not by my strength or power but by Abba's! He always seems to pull us through no matter what is going on! It's all about trusting him in the process which from my experience is not all peaches and cream, but takes time to adjust to the Spirit and Father's will! Harder said than done!

I will keep you all in my prayers!

In Freedom Love, Nicole!

Bino Manjasseril said...

Thanks Nicole! Have you read 'Ruthless Trust' by Brennan Manning? A wonderful book. There are some touching stories where people trusting God in the midst of disasters. It's amazing. I still panic when the 'unexpected' strikes. But as you said, it is Him who sustains us even in our doubts. It's a relief.