Friday, August 29, 2008

Law & Grace (Re-post)

Under Law Man Says
Under Grace Christ Says
Look at what I'm doing for you!Look at what I did for you!
Look at how I went to church. Look at how I went to Calvary.
Look at how I was raised in my denomination.
Look at how I was raised from dead.
Look at how I gave my money.Look at how I gave My life.
Look at how I confessed my sins.Look at how I took away your sins.
Look at how I stood against sin.Look at how I died for your sins.
Look at how I judged the lost world.Look at how I saved the lost world.
Look at how I marched against evil-doers.Look at how I suffered for evil-doers.
Look at how I bowed down to you.Look at how I became one of you.
Look at how I healed the sick.Look at how I raised the dead.
Look at how I spoke in tongues.
Look at how I spoke in love.
Look at how successful my life was.
Look at how successful My death was.

Source: Classic Christianity Conference Manual


Ike said...

You nailed it with this post. Who are those people in Matthew chapter 7 who say Lord "I" did this in your name and "I" did that in your name? And He says depart from Me!

This is NOT going to happen, but what would a genuine believer say to the Lord if He told them to depart? "Lord, I am desperately more wicked than I realize...nothing in my hand I bring. But Lord......I have cast my hope upon your Son!"
No boasting in religion!!!!

cybeRanger said...

wonderful post.
Keep it up! :)


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent chart! Good stuff.

Love how the Grace column is focused completely on what Christ has done. The Law column is all about man's works.

~Amy :)

Bino M. said...

Ike, cyberranger, amy,

Thank you all for the encouragement!

The law makes only two categories of people:

1. Self-righteous pharisees who think they can keep the law (or part of it).
2. Self-condemned 'sinners' who think they can't keep the law.

The interesting thing is, the purpose of the law was never to make us self-righteous or self-condemned, but to make us aware of our desperate need for a Savior and there by pointing us to Christ who has fulfilled the law for us!

BTW, I didn't come up with this list, the source of it is the 'Classic Christianity' conference manual of people to people ministries.