Friday, August 22, 2008

What are people searching for (on the net)?

Using Google Analytics, it's kind of fun to find out the 'keywords/phrases' people use on search engines, which lead them to our blogs. Right from the beginning, since I started using this tool, to my surprise, there is one phrase which always landed on the top of the list consistently. It is: 'what god says about me'. It's all because I wrote a post titled 'what god says about me' in June, 2007 and that's the post where I get the most number of hits from search engines (The post has only Bible verses and intended for believers to know who they really are in Christ).

Isn't that interesting that people wants to know what God says about them? Though I don't know if the people who search are believers or unbelievers, but I thought it's interesting. People seems to be concerned about spiritual things that they are really seeking, searching and curious to know what God really think of them. On the net, the freedom of being anonymous gives people a chance to seek truth. I think it is like, people think God is hiding under 'google' and ready to give His opinions on them the moment they type it in! There were times in my life where I wanted to type in 'God, do you really love me?'.

But, I truly believe, internet is one of the crucial media where people can freely do some spiritual experiments. Some of it's plus points are - easiness, global availability, anytime availability, level of anonymity etc

For your entertainment, the below is the list of keywords/phrases used by people who visited my blog for a period of one month, with the most number of hits starting from the top:

what god says about me
branch of vine
branch of the vine
darin hufford blog
legalism for kids
one-anothering: a communal gospel
what god says to me
"approval addiction" part1
bob george" critic classic christianity
"fear of god" "eugene peterson"
"frank friedman" "the shack"
"god with us" + "self righteousness"
"paul anderson-walsh" cult
"wet my bed"
a w tozer " what is a christian" wierd
approval addict verses
baal religion
bible says nothing can seperate christ love from us
blogs "steve mcvey" "bob george"
brennan manning evangelism
can i separate myself from the love of christ,
can separate me from the love of christ",
children+lesson "separate us from the love of christ"
christian blog approval addiction
darin hufford the god's honest truth
do everything through christ
ephesians 7:8 tozer lavish
fear of god
fear of pee
forum "approval addiction"
gifts with i can do all things through christ
god says about me
grace life fellowship live feed + frank freedman
growing in grace ministries jeff vanvonderen
how to help legalistic children
i am the vine poster
i can do all things thru him
i'll let nothing separate me from the love of christ
is charismatism sin
is paul anderson walsh a phony
is steve mcvey genuine or fake
legalism facts kids
nothing can come between us and the love of christ
nothing can separate me from the love of christ, song
nothing can separate us from the love of christ
nothing can separate us from the love of christ paul
parable of the vine and the branches coloring sheet
paul anderson walsh grace youtube
picture vine and branch
post charismatism?
quotes from "messy spirituality"
relationship with christ
spurgeon on new covenant
teaching kids the vine and branches
the christan church + the religon of baal
the religion of baal
the shack bob george
the vine and the branch
tozer on religious ritual and traditions
tree vine branch
universalism mike williams
vine and branch
vine branch philosophy
what can separate us from the love of christ
what god says about us
what god says me
what shall separate us from the love of christ luther
wild at heart eldredge blogspot
william c young wastefulness of grace
william paul young testimony


Amy said...

Wow! Thanks for mentioning Google Analytics. I'm going to hop over to it, and see what types of words and phrases have led people to my blog.

Interesting reading what phrases have brought readers to your site!

Regarding your entry, that is quite interesting that people wanted to know "what God thought about them"...yet at the same time not surprising. After all, I think there's a huge number of people hungering to know Papa more and who just simply feel far away from Him b/c they lack an intimate relationship with Him.

I fully agree with you about the Internet being a wonderful place for people to learn, search, discover and network. As well, you're right on as you said it's an anonymous way for people to search for things they perhaps would not if they knew they'd be "seen." I fully believe God can use almost any medium to guide people towards Him.

~Amy :)

Aida said...

Sounds like a great idea, Bino. I think I'll check it out when I get a chance. How long have you had it?

Bino M. said...

Hope you guys will find it useful. I have had it for over an year. It's a great tool and it's free!

Aida said...

Thanks, Bino. Free is always good too.

Aida said...

Bino, where do you paste the code that they give you? I couldn't figure that out.

Bino M. said...

In the 'Edit Layout/Customize' mode, Add a Gadget (anywhere) and choose 'HTML/Javascript', add the code there.

Aida said...

Bino, I'm really confused. Do I really need to add the code. It seems to have set up an account without it when I looked at it the first time.

lydia joy said...

ooh good tip - checked it out! Thanks!

Bino M. said...

Yes, you would need to add the code (given by google) on your blog. That's how they get to track your blog to get all the statistics.

Copy the code, and paste it in the place I mentioned in my earlier comment. Pls. let me know if you still have questions. I am here to help.

Aida said...

I got an email from them saying I had an account and had to install the tracking code.

I copied and pasted the code they sent me in the spot where you told me to do it. Am I supposed to do anything else?

Bino M. said...

Nope, That's pretty much it! Now you should be able to login to your analytics account and see some statistics.

Aida said...

Thanks, Bino. I seem to have gotten it on okay and it's working just fine. Thanks for your help.