Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are we progressing?

Are we progressing?

Developmentally? Economically? Scientifically? Technologically?

Human kind seem to take a lot of pride in its own progressive development over the centuries starting from industrial revolution to the modern day technological and scientific advancements. We have learned to solve a lot of problems by using machines and chemicals. Most of it is done in as effort of beating the tyranny of time.

Time seems more precious than ever.

We have developed techniques to better manage our time for better productivity and thereby a better life - from packaged dinners to artificial intelligence.

We have pretty much made the whole thing called life as a mechanical operation or a series of operations, which is usually kicked off by a morning instant coffee. We have learned the patterns and we are also on the lookout for better patterns, tools and strategies.

Is it just me or can anyone else see that there is something missing in our rushed daily life? Or is it that thing they call "progress"? Am I too old-school that I am not seeing the progress?

Can't you see how we are solving the problems in the world? They ask.

Look how we solved the issue of caring for children - we invented daycare professionals.
Look how we solved the issue of planting, cultivating and harvesting crops - we invented corporate farming and super markets.
Look how we solved the issue of preparing food - We invented packaged dinners and canned foods.
Look how we solved the issue of physical sickness - We have invented pharmaceuticals.
Feeling down? - We have antidepressants.
Need money? - We have loans.
Want to be in shape? - We have diet pills.

Do you see a problem with this mentality? Are we really progressing?

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