Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grow deep!

A lot of people have chosen silence, passivity and isolation over standing up for truth and questioning things with courage, just so that they can avoid conflict. We have learned to compromise all our integrity and honesty for pseudo comfort and false sense of security. At work places we keep quite because we are afraid of being seen a difficult-to-manage, arrogant employee. At church we keep quiet out of the concern of being perceived as a rebel. We stick with abusive relationships, because we are afraid of living without those relationships. We are afraid of being seen as vulnerable. We would rather be in a state of depression than speaking out. We pretend. We close our eyes and blind ourselves to injustice, falsehood, control, darkness and bondage.

We are afraid of people. We are afraid of the god of our religion. We are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of being anti-social. We are afraid of breaking traditions.


Is this how we are supposed to live?

We conform to the level that we have no sense of identity or individuality. Everybody controls us - corporations, politicians, clergies, relatives; and we sheepishly submit our identity to them and beg them to control us, feed us, think for us, protect us. We wouldn't second guess their intentions or their existence because the whole 'mob' is doing the exact very same thing and we don't want to be the odd one out.

Mob mentality?

We live this conforming, compromising, gutless life 70, 80, 90 years and towards the end of our life, we would wonder did I even live one day as MYSELF? With my own thoughts, with my own convictions, with my own ideas, while being true to myself and others around us. Totally being comfortable in our own skin?

We think our children need conformity, so that we can better control them. No wonder we teach them conformity from day one. Guess what, when they grow up they will crave control and bondage.

We have the so called "experts" to shovel instruction and "how to"s down through our throats. We savor upon them and celebrate our gluttony thinking that we are smart because we have the "expert" advice and a road-map for how to navigate our life-ship.

What if life is not meant to live based on a road-map?

What if life is not meant to live based on a moral standard?

What if life is not meant to be going through the motions and doing what everybody else is doing?

Isn't that life boring?

Diet industry and mass food producing companies controls what we eat.

Medical industry tell us what medicine we need.

Clergies prescribe food for our soul and spirit.

Politicians control our sense of security.

Businesses, corporations, banks and credit card companies control our money.

We are bombarded with the How-to books and self helps books. We validate every step of our life against the knowledge and wisdom of the "mob".

With all these we grow wide and big (Does knowledge puffs up?).

What a boring life!

We never grow deep with a mob mentality!

What happened to adventure? wonder? awe? curiosity? courage? creativity? solitude? revelation?

Without these, how do we grow deep? How do we experience freedom?

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