Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nothing will work other than Christ Himself.

Follow up of the previous post Christianity is not working for many, even for pastors!

I come from a place where communism still exits not only it exists but has a tremendous impact on people’s lives. There are many who have been martyred for that man made ‘ism’. There are many who are still ready to die.
When we see Christianity just as a belief system, a technique for living in peace, an organization for having companionship of others, a place for children to grow morally acceptable, then it is nothing but another ‘ism’ or 'ology' which outwardly looks very attractive but never works in the practicality of being connected to the creator.

Jesus did not invite us to an organized set of principles to hold on to improve life in this world. He invited as to ‘Him’, to that person of Christ, to the living Word who had been made flesh. He did not point out a way for us to try and fail. He said He IS the way. He did not explain the secrets of being happy and harmonious by being a blind follower of certain existing natural truths. He said He IS the truth.

When Yonggi Cho of South Korea borrowed the ‘name it and claim it’ philosophy from ‘Buddhism’ he thought that is going to be a version of ‘working Christianity’ and it soon spread all over the world like a wild fire. It sounds attractive, it produced a new generation of ‘positive thinking’ and ‘positive talking’ people. Is it working? Not really! But people are trapped. They give themselves for their belief system though it doesn’t work.
The pride of man does not let him proclaim the fact that it doesn’t really work.

Nothing, absolutely nothing will work long term other than the truth, the way and the life which is Christ himself. That is a guarantee like the death.

It is Jesus who forgives us, saves us, sustains us, gives us blessed hope, securing us in Father's hands, intercedes for us, He is our very life and it is He who lives in us and through us.


Joel Brueseke said...

Bino, you've really hit the nail on the head with these posts. I've known many who have put on big smiles while proclaiming that what they name and claim is what they'll frame, but who won't admit it when they don't receive what they've named and claimed. Or they'll give excuses, such as it just wasn't the right timing or whatever. Or sadly, they'll sometimes say they just need more faith, and so they'll s-t-r-e-t-c-h out their faith as much as they can to get God to do things for them.

An old pastor of mine, who at one time was in the Word of Faith movement, said that people in that movement would even go around commanding God to do things! All in the name of "God cannot break His promises."

Anyway, your whole point here is a great one. No method will work, no principle will work, no amount of positive thinking will work. It's not about making anything "work." It's about the fact that we've died and our life is now Christ-in-us. We are His workmanship. It is God who works in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure! Aren't we satisfied with God's work??? :)

Daelon said...

Very well explained, Bino. Do you mind if I send some of your blog posts to friends? I tell you, you have helped make things clearer to me.

I was at the YMCA yesterday and I noticed on the wall was painted some Christian philosophy about practicing Christian principles. I want to go paint under it: "How's it workin' for ya so far?"

I thought Christ DISARMED the principalities and powers? It's an excuse to live without faith as I see in myself as well. Because I think (with my rational mind) that it would be so much easier if I could just try and be good myself.

All religion does is, what I talked about in my blog earlier today. We pull off this Wizard of Oz act. We ignore the reality behind the curtain and put on this show for man and God.

Bino B. Manjasseril said...


I have been to many man made religious philosophies and honestly felt good at times! Hey, after all if I can command God and make him to act upon my commands, that is something we can really feel good about. The secret what they teach us is that how to use the right 'faith formula'. Jesus said if we have little faith (like a mustard seed) we can move mountains! I haven't quite seen many who have moved mountains recently! Have you?
We don't need BIG faith because we have a BIG God!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

Bino B. Manjasseril said...


Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, thats what I like to ask some people, 'How's it working for you?'
They say it works well because their pride hinders them to admit the truth. They are already trapped in the man made little kingdoms.
I have been to eastern orthodoxy, Pentecostalism and Word of Faith and I have proclaimed it to many as though those were the only true religions. But after a while I was embarrassed to admit that it doesn't really working for me.

Major Ian Thomas said,
'There is always a reasonable alternative to faith'. Absolutely! That how religions emerges!

Sure brother, feel free to forward these posts to your friends. Why not?