Monday, January 21, 2008

The world

Look at what materialism, money and luxury did to us? Over-eating, unhealthy eating, obesity, sickness, laziness, false self sufficiency, false independence, hedonism... Who said this world is getting better?
Where is hope found? Celebrities who have everything we all strive for - money, fame, sex, fans - are suicidal! But we still want all that.

We brag about our intelligence, brevity, adventures, technology but still hallucinated in our depraved mind to think that there is no hope this world can offer. All our intelligence becomes pseudo-intelligence. All our self sufficiency becomes false. All our money becomes a monster.

The provision for flesh is in every nuke and corner. Most times - one click away or one call away. Should we hide? Should we isolate and make ourself monks? Should we live in a state of denial? Or celebrate the sins and indulge more and more. Why are we so depraved that now we are able to brag and celebrate our sins and do pride parades!

See the impact in churches. 'Pastorship' is a carrier. Salary is bargained. It is an industry where resumes are built and benefits are determined on 'ability' and experience. The level of success is counted on the numbers and quantity. The word discipleship is not in their dictionary.

This world and everything in it makes us short of the truth. Everything looks as if it is contrary to the truth.

(I don't know how to end this post... I have a BIG 'thank you, Jesus' deep inside me chocking myself. There is absolutely, absolutely, absolutely no hope in anyone/anything other than Jesus!)

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