Friday, January 25, 2008

Religion Vs. True Grace

Church loving – People loving
Pastor loving – Jesus loving
Church praising – God praising
Giving 10% - Give in ‘free will’
Control others using law – Proclaim that the law is fulfilled in Christ
Not questioning anything – Challenge law and legalism under new covenant
Showing off love – Sharing genuine love
Bashing sinners – Tell them Christ took away all their sins once-for-all
Evangelizing everybody – Proclaim the unconditional love of God to those who are ready to listen
Trying to convert people using law, guilt and fear – Trying to show people love, grace and freedom in Christ
Being active in church programs – Being active in ‘growing in Grace’
Being social – Being who we are
Bound but acting free - Free and acting free
Showing off Bible knowledge – Knowing Bible for what it means, not what it says
Being busy – Walk by faith
Acting holy – Being holy

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Terry Rayburn said...

A lot of wisdom there, Bino.