Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life's toughest questions (cont'd)

People to People Ministries started answering the top ten questions from the series of life's toughest questions in 'text' form. So far, the two most important questions have been addressed.

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1. What is salvation and how can I know with full assurance that I'm saved?

2. After I've come to Jesus, why do I still sin?

During my days of legalistic Christian life, one of the tough question I always struggled to answer was about the assurance of salvation. No matter how much I 'did' (confession, prayer, fasting, church works, evangelism, charity, tithe, baptism, tongues etc) , I still wasn't sure if that was enough to stay saved. At some point I did argue against the idea of 'once saved, always saved' phrase. I read many things on the internet on this issue, but nothing convinced me because there is a whole lot of contradictory information out there. No one seems to be addressing the root cause of our need for salvation and what salvation really really means.

Then, once God removed the veil over my eyes, I saw it. It was awesome! And that one truth is enough for me to praise Jesus for the rest of my life!

If there is anyone who haven't settled this issue in their Christian life, I would strongly recommend reading the above article. Be blessed!

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