Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeownership for dummies

I am having a blast in my home ownership deal. I will share a few of the latest.

Ever since we bought this home we are seeing light water leakage in the basement when it either rains or when the snow melts. (It is a surprise that we didn't notice the water stain on the floor when we came to view this home before buying it!) I had been ignoring this all these days because of the fact that our basement is not carpeted. But now that we have decided to fully finish the partially finished basement, the water leak bothered me. The guy who is doing the finishing work helped me to take the drywall out of the area where it leaks so that we can take a look at the bare wall to find any cracks. After he took the wall off, we realized that the water is not really leaking through the wall, instead the water is coming from way 'up there'. By observing from the outside, we figured out that somehow water is streaming through the vinyl wall when it rains (which it shouldn't be doing, all the water is supposed to go to the roof gutters)

But I still had to find the area where the water enters inside the wall and I am almost getting scared by the fact that when it comes to home repair and maintenance, I am a dummy. Is there a much stronger word than 'dummy'?

But hey, like all the men in the world, I am not willing to admit it...

So, for the past few days, in the morning, before I go to work, I take my ladder, unfold it and climb up there to 'check' things on the roof. Every time I go I would trouble my wife, asking her to get the flash light etc as if I am doing some important work and she has to 'assist' me in small things like handing over a flash light. The truth of the matter is I am afraid of heights but the realization that if I try to bring in a 'Professional leak proofer' I would end up paying big bucks, overtakes the fear of height. So I carefully climb up there with jerking knees, standing on the ladder, look all over the roof with a 'Forrest Gump' kind of face.

After a minimum of 8-10 climbs so far I still have absolutely no clue where the water is leaking through. One of the biggest challenge is, to do this we have to wait for rain or melting snow (which don't happen everyday) Each time I come down from the ladder, I am more afraid that I am failing in my mission. I ask myself: shouldn't all men need to know these things. I would feel very inferior and stupid!

Once I come inside the home after each of my adventure trips to the the roof, my wife would curiously ask me if I have found anything. I used to share all my 'knowledge' and findings with her earlier but lately I would just say 'still investigating'. The thing is I have absolutely no clue.

You might be thinking that I am a miser and not ready to spend any penny on my home. Well, not exactly! Few days ago, I called a leak proofing company and a guy came and explained what 'could' be happening and finally said, they don't fix this kind of things. It seems like they fix only the leaks coming from the foundation of the basement. (Talk about specializations!)

So where do clueless dummies go? Where else other than Internet? (I wonder how people even lived without internet!)

So I search in google for phrases like 'roof leak + water in basement', 'why roof leaks?', 'how to stop leak?' etc. I read a lot of similar stories in "Yahoo Answers" and as I realize there are a whole lot of people out there with similar or may be more severe problems than this, I will feel so relieved. I even feel good. Also, I have learned so many terms such as 'shingles', 'drip edge', 'caulk', 'sealant' etc. Now when I talk to my wife about this issue, I will use those words and smile inside because I know she has no clue what I am talking about. She is dummier than me in these kind of stuff.

Well, anyways I thought I would share this. There is not much spiritual application here other than my recent prayers to stop raining and snowing in Michigan. We have no luck so far, so I am kind of stuck. May be I will climb up there once again this evening and see if I can find anything! (No kidding!) I even prayed to direct my path to the source of the leak...


Leonard said...

Hey, I read this one off your face book page and commented an Idea.

RJW said...

Bino...hire a roofer. Truly. After a major hurricane, we had leaks EVERYWHERE! The house had somehow twisted it seemed like. Leaks are TERRIBLE! A good roofer should be able to help you. Sometimes you need expert help. That's my take. :D

theoldadam said...

I know how you feel.

Itoo have a problem with water coming into my house that I can't figure out how it's happening.

I had a pro roofer out, he couldn't figure it out either.


There has to be a government program for this...there just has to be...

Bino M. said...

Leonard - Thanks! I will check it out right away.

Jamie - It looks like I should do that. I am giving it one more day because the guy who is doing our basement said, he is bringing his Dad today (who has a lot of experience in this kind of stuff). I am waiting to see what he has to say.

Steve - I am wondering if there is a Government bailout plan for the poor home owners like me :) But it looks like all the millionaire entrepreneurs are getting all the Federal money!

lydia joy said...

Oh dang, this stuff just ain't husband always tried to fix everything himself, but is clueless, just to pinch pennies............hope you figure it out......!!! Blessings on Bino's roof!!

Bino M. said...

Thanks Lydia!

Amy said...

Ugh! I hope you can figure out the source of the leak and have it fixed. Leaks are no fun.

Since I am just now reading this on Friday (I was out-of-town in San Diego Tues-Thurs), did you end up hiring a roofer?

~Amy :)

Ike said...

You could buy a new million dollar house.....get an $8000.00 tax refund (which does not have to be paid back) and then........apply for the new "housing bailout" and have your mortgage reduced to 31% of your monthly income! Got to love our elected officials!

Bino M. said...

Amy - Most likely a roofer is going to take a look at this today or tomorrow. I waiting to see what he can find out...

Ike - LOL! I hear ya!