Thursday, November 15, 2007

A blog about blogging.

While the lost humanity look for love, the 'restored' humanity look for community where they can share the love they have found. This blog sphere is a great community where we can share the love of God with each other and be encouraged.
I can’t tell how much I am blessed by the brothers and sisters who take time to share their thoughts here and also on their own respective blogs.
Though this is a two dimensional media, there are many advantages. People like me who are really introverts can really open up and be an extrovert behind the key board. Others can read/comment at their own convenient time and pace. This is more than practical!
Putting down the religious mask and being ‘real’ is so relieving and refreshing. I do not need to manufacture fake spirituality here. I do not need to invent ‘formulas’ to tap God and fake up encounters.
This is where I learn, this is where I think, this is where I can laugh and even cry.

We come out of the box here, share our deepest struggles; some times a new found wisdom, some times a joke, some times few lyrics of a favorite song. What a way of fellowshipping!

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Joel Brueseke said...

Amen... what a great way to fellowship, through the internet! While I am still longing to find great 'person to person' fellowship with like-minded people, for the purpose of mutual encouragement in the grace of God, I've definitely not lacked in that type of fellowship with the brothers and sisters from around the world who I've met through blogs, forums, and other online resources. And so I praise God for you, Bino, and for all the others I've "met" online.